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The Safe Dental Hygiene Appointment: Tips & Products to Break the Chain of Infection

Whitney Howerton, RDH Presenter


Wednesday, October 28th

8pm-9:30pm ET

Our new normal has us questioning how to protect ourselves, our team and our patients? What recommendation should we follow? What mask should we wear? What products should we use? When will guidelines change again? Clinicians may be fearful now of a career they know and love. Anxiety may be through the roof, but providing quality care and saving a life through improved oral health still draws us to our passion. Together we will discuss a traditional hygiene appointment and review tips and products to help break the chain of infection. Breaking just one link can change the game....in a good way!

Learning Objectives:

• Discover tips and products to create a safer dental hygiene appointment for both the clinician and patient

• Identify ways to reduce aerosol production such as pre-procedural rinses, hand instrumentation, use of the HVE and additional products available

• Gain confidence in complete patient care utilizing the current CDC, ADA, ADHA, and OSHA interim recommendations

• Think outside the box and discover little products that can make a big difference

This is a live virtual online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE. We start in. . .