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Helping the Staff Support the Dentistry of their Provider

Live Webinar • Wednesday, January 11th • 8pm ET


Lisa Germain, DDS, MScD


Ryan Morrison, DDS


Helping the staff support the

dentistry of their provider

Wednesday, January 11th | 8pm ET | 1.5 FREE CE Credits

We live in a TikTok world. Patients often go to social media platforms not to be social but to search. Patients go home, process the treatment plan given to them, often with their significant other, and then try to understand what procedure they need and why they need it. Frequently, the patient will call the office to ask about the procedure expecting someone with clinical knowledge to answer. With the changing landscape in staffing, Dental offices need new strategies and workflows to help increase treatment acceptance by guiding the patient through their procedure and how this procedure will improve their overall health and avoid more costly procedures in the future. 

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