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Part 2: Contemporary & Classic Workflows for Implant Supported Full Arch All-On-X

Devin Hall, DMD Presenter


Wednesday, December 16th

8pm-9:30pm ET

With the advances with predictability of CAD/CAM planning and success of immediate loading of full arch prosthetics, the quality of life for the patients with terminal-dentition or edentulous patient is better served with an immediately loaded fixed, cross-arch stabilized prosthesis versus a 2-stage procedure with a delayed loading protocol. This can lead to decreased treatment times and comorbidities. We will review indications & workflows comparing and contrasting classical vs contemporary surgical and restorative workflows to provisionalize and restore the full arch All-On-X patient .


• You will understand the various treatment planning considerations and contraindications to qualify a patient for full arch treatment.

• Understand various prosthodontic requirements and its influence on surgical considerations

• Visualize various conversion techniques with chrome guided protocol vs conventional in office workflow vs hybrid new technologies

• Appreciate the advantages of a fully guided workflow and potential benefits on practice efficiency, revenue health, and case acceptance.

• Appreciate the biomechanical considerations influencing surgical and prosthetic success; including but not limited to implant macro/micro geometry, alveolar bone characteristics and anchorage techniques and designing the case with optimal placement and design .

• Gain an appreciation for comparison of contemporary vs classical approaches to restoring full arch restorations

This is a live virtual online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE. We start in. . .