Michael Grossman, DDS


Lisa Germain, DDS, MScD


Up Your Ortho Game Before DIY Companies Do It For You!

Live Webinar • Wednesday, April 14 • 8pm ET


Up Your Ortho Game Before DIY Companies Do It For You!

It starts with the ultimate orthdontic exam!

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Given the importance of aligner therapy to the business interests of large dental companies and DIY ortho companies popping up with huge financial backing, general dentists need to get the message that ortho is where every patient exam should begin. In this webinar, Dr. Grossman will be discussing the basic steps to integrating ortho in your exam routine and helping your practice expand its reliance on aligner therapy.

It will be a step by step process of how we perform the ultimate orthodontic consultation and why it's important to protect general dentists from the commoditization of our profession by big companies selling direct to consumer.

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