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Emergency Endodontics

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Emergency Endodontics

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Dental pain is one of the main reasons patients will seek out dental treatment. An unscheduled dental emergency can greatly disrupt the normal office flow and create stress within the dental practice. Understanding how to manage these types of patients by developing a systematic and methodical approach can have a positive impact on the local community and your dental practice.

The overall philosophy of dentistry promotes the preservation of the natural dentition. Often, patients will present with with emergency dental pain which can drastically impact their immediate decision to retain or extract a tooth. The goal for managing emergency endodontic treatment is to gain control over the acute symptoms so that proper treatment planning and decision making can be accomplished at a later date without pain as an influencing factor.

Upon completion of this course, the practitioner should have a better understanding of the following:

- The rationale for emergency dental pain.

- Criteria that can be used to determine the proper treatment direction.

- Endodontic diagnosis.

- Proper isolation techniques.

- Local anesthetic strategies

- Basic emergency endodontic technique

Having a working knowledge of how to manage emergency dental pain while establishing proper team and treatment protocols will have a positive impact of the growth of your practice. This presentation is designed to give the dental team working knowledge on how to predictably manage the acute pain patient, while promoting tooth retention when possible.

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