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Antibiotics for Odontogenic Infections:

2019 ADA Recommendation for Acute Dental Pain & Intraoral Swelling in Immunocompetent


Wednesday, July 15th

8pm-9:30pm ET

PLEASE NOTE: This webinar will not be recorded and will only be available to view live.

Dental pain and intraoral swelling is not only a concern for dental providers but are also the most cited oral-health reason for a patient contacting an emergency department or physician.

In late 2019, the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs and the Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry conducted a systematic review and formulated clinical recommendations for the urgent management of:

  • Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis (SIP)
  • Symptomatic Apical Periodontitis (SAP)
  • Pulpal necrosis (PN)
  • Localized Acute Apical Abscess (LAAA)

either alone or as adjuncts to Definitive Conservative Dental Therapy (DCDT) in Immunocompetent Patients.

Based upon the review, 5 clinical recommendations and 2 good practice statements were made.

  • The major take-home messages from the review are that:
  • Antibiotics are of negligible benefit and are of significant harm.
  • They should be used when there is evidence or concern for systemic involvement.
  • In all instances, Definitive Conservative Dental Treatment (DCDT) should be prioritized.

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