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Learn Today, Prevent Tomorrow! Infection Control for Dental Professionals


Wednesday, July 8th

7:30pm-10pm ET

The purpose of infection prevention is to protect the healthcare provider and patient from disease transmission and workplace hazards.  According to the CDC, it is the responsibility of the dental care provider to render the “safest dental visit possible”.  This course provides detailed instruction on the CDC recommended infection control practices and certain safety engineering controls for dental practices as required by OSHA. At the completion of this course, the attendee will be able to recognize and comprehend the recommended and required guidelines put forth by the CDC and OSHA.  The attendee will also have the information needed to apply the recommended and required CDC and OSHA guidelines in the dental office setting. 


OBJECTIVE #1:    Explain the purpose of the CDC, OSHA, and other legal entities that enforce clinical standards/laws for dental healthcare providers.

OBJECTIVE #2:    Define standard precautions and recognize each infection control practice required to provide the safest dental visit as put forth according to CDC guidelines. 

OBJECTIVE #3:    Reproduce and apply each CDC recommended standard precaution in a dental practice setting.

OBJECTIVE #4:    Identify and define the 6 links on the chain of infection and indicate where the CDC recommended infection control practices can be used to interrupt the chain to prevent infection.

OBJECTIVE #5:    Demonstrate knowledge of the Bloodborne Pathogen (BBP) standard and identify BBP transmission modes in the healthcare setting.

OBJECTIVE #6:    Apply infection prevention practices and OSHA standards in the healthcare setting to increase patient and healthcare provider safety.

OBJECTIVE #7:   Distinguish between employer and employee responsibilities as defined by the CDC and OSHA.  

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