Celine Higton, DDS


Lisa Germain, DDS, MScD


Rubber Dam Isolation: The Cornerstone of Modern Dentistry

Live Webinar • Thursday, September 23 • 8pm ET


Rubber Dam Isolation: The Cornerstone of Modern Dentistry

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In this lecture, Dr. Higton will discuss how dentistry is fast moving on from mechanically retentive to adhesion based methods and, therefore, how operating techniques need to adapt. She places a particular emphasis on rubber dam, how to use it effectively and the associated benefits of doing so.

Learning Objectives
-Understand when and why rubber dam should be used and appreciate the multiple benefits of doing so
-Understand the importance of material & equipment (especially clamp) choice when using rubber dam
-Appreciate the nuances of hole size, hole spacing and different dam application techniques
-Learn the difference between stabilizing the dam and retracting the dam

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