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The Heart of Cosmetic Dentistry

AnnMarie Olson, DDS Presenter


Wednesday, September 30th

8pm-9:30pm ET

In this post Covid-19 world, as we move out of our PJs and back into our office, what important lessons did you learn about time, family, and what really matters?  Are the reasons you came back to work consistent with the purpose and mission of your practice?

Patients are ready to pursue the things that bring them the biggest joy – and they might be in your office.  When you think about Cosmetic Dentistry in your practice, what stands out in your mind as the biggest “Joy?”  Is it the financial compensation for the practice, the excitement of delivering beautiful restorations or the deep satisfaction that you changed someone’s entire life – doing something you love?

Join us as Dr. AnnMarie Olson looks at “The Heart of Cosmetic Dentistry” including:

o   The Evolution of education, teachers and mentors

o   Connecting with patients through Emotional Intelligence and other techniques

o   Creating an experience of Grace and Gratitude that patients will never forget   

 Renew your purpose and mission to improve your patient’s smile - and their total health. 

This is a live virtual online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE. We start in. . .